BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
4.1Compile fix for Qt 5.9hjk14 months
4.2Make compilable with 5.11hjk5 months
4.3QmlDesigner: Fix macOS menu issueThomas Hartmann14 months
4.4Adapt Qbs submodule URLEike Ziller10 months
4.5Add changes file for 4.5.2Eike Ziller7 months
4.6Update danish (da) translation for Qt Creator 4.6scootergrisen3 months
4.7ProjectExplorer: do not send non existing debug outputDavid Schulz2 days
4.8Remove ancient TODO fileAndre Hartmann10 hours
masterRemoteLinux: Move the 'showWidget' value down the hierarchyhjk2 days
wip/clang-queryUtils: Improve print function for SmallStringVectorMarco Bubke23 months
v4.8.0-beta1commit 4801348a31...Eike Ziller10 days
v4.7.1commit fa50153fc8...Eike Ziller4 weeks
v4.7.0commit dedbb40f57...Eike Ziller3 months
v4.7.0-rc1commit 9bbb085718...Eike Ziller4 months
v4.7.0-beta2commit a0083d06fd...Eike Ziller4 months
v4.6.2commit 1ddfb443b6...Eike Ziller4 months
v4.7.0-beta1commit f1881ac2fc...Eike Ziller5 months
v4.6.1commit 065e644d92...Eike Ziller6 months
v4.6.0commit 3ac2aa7bb5...Eike Ziller7 months
v4.6.0-rc1commit 21d3d0a55d...Eike Ziller7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysRemoteLinux: Move the 'showWidget' value down the hierarchyHEADmasterhjk8-18/+7
2 daysRemoteLinux: Check SFTP functionality in device testChristian Kandeler2-2/+30
2 daysWinRT: Use an aspect in WinRtPackageDeploymentStephjk8-216/+22
3 daysDeviceSupport: Remove some unneeded declarationshjk1-6/+0
3 daysRemoteLinux: Fix compile with gcc5.3 and MSVC2015Christian Stenger1-5/+8
4 daysRemoteLinux: Use aspects in TarPackageCreationStephjk2-88/+32
4 daysRemoteLinux: Check remote files when deployingUlf Hermann8-155/+328
5 daysProjectExplorer: Change BuildStepConfigWidget::summaryWidget()hjk35-179/+34
5 daysQmlJS: Don't recalculate the empty library's fingerprintUlf Hermann2-1/+10
5 daysModernize non-existing IDevice::operator=()hjk1-1/+1