BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bonesDeployment updates.Patrick Burke8 years
fboFixing a namespace issue for FrameBufferObjectChristopher Ham8 years
masterDeprecation of the qt/quick3d repository.dpope8 years
qml2Deprecation readme for qt/quick3d repository.dpope8 years
tp2Partly revert prev tga change.Sarah Smith8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2012-02-10Deprecation of the qt/quick3d repository.HEADmasterdpope1786-300593/+30
2012-01-31QTBUG-23408 - Remove raw html from docsChristopher Ham1-48/+34
2012-01-30ModelTweaker was renamed to "3D Asset Viewer"Sergey Dubitskiy43-20/+21
2012-01-27fixed some bugs in asset viewerZheng Liu (George)6-94/+160
2012-01-27Bugfix: grid text is drawn correctly even if app window is resized.Sergey Dubitskiy1-14/+27
2012-01-25QTBUG-20443. Fixed Quad and Cube sizes and texcoords.Sergey Dubitskiy5-46/+76
2012-01-25Upgrade to AssImp library v2.0.863.Sergey Dubitskiy266-3997/+4526
2012-01-23Adding a color picker and material editting to ModelTweakerChristopher Ham16-280/+1211
2012-01-23Save on exit and GUI changes.Danny Pope15-217/+350
2012-01-18QTBUG-23551. Model is copied to the dir where QML is saved.Sergey Dubitskiy1-4/+25