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* Fixed handlers list property in QDeclarativeGestureAreaHEADmasterDenis Dzyubenko2010-10-081-18/+23
* tmpDenis Dzyubenko2010-09-241-1/+4
* Simplified compiling and deploying the pluginDenis Dzyubenko2010-09-241-2/+4
* Fixed project fileDenis Dzyubenko2010-09-241-2/+2
* Make sure we don't consume events from the tap gesture recognizerThierry Bastian2010-09-231-1/+1
* Make sure the debug version of the lib has a d suffix on windowsThierry Bastian2010-09-231-1/+1
* Removed dependency on private headers.Denis Dzyubenko2010-09-224-35/+41
* Added a rule to compile properly on symbianDenis Dzyubenko2010-09-221-0/+1
* use properties insteas of private data for various thingsZeno Albisser2010-09-131-14/+12
* avoid using private headers in QSwipeGestureRecognizerZeno Albisser2010-09-082-59/+83
* avoid using private headers in QTapGestureRecognizer and QTapAndHoldGestureRe...Zeno Albisser2010-09-082-36/+33
* avoid using private headers in QPinchGestureRecognizerZeno Albisser2010-09-082-54/+58
* avoid using private headers in QPanGestureRecognizerZeno Albisser2010-09-082-62/+90
* initial import of GestureArea sources including RecognizersZeno Albisser2010-09-0810-0/+1955