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* Add scripting support.HEADmasterChristian Kamm2010-02-2619-5/+1173
* Add forgotten resource file.Christian Kamm2010-02-261-0/+14
* Make the location ui work. Add script interface for it.Christian Kamm2010-02-264-15/+142
* Improve separation of ToolBoxPages and the RCW.Christian Kamm2010-02-267-33/+50
* Move the style related code from the menu buttons into the main widget.Christian Kamm2010-02-263-2/+1
* Move power and battery button to remote control widget repo.Christian Kamm2010-02-2619-6/+214
* Initial version of the remote control widget.Christian Kamm2010-02-2631-0/+3749