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* Fixed loginmvc example to have better notificationssccNo'am Rosenthal2009-08-102-5/+6
* Statechart Compiler with examplesNo'am Rosenthal2009-08-0918-123/+1159
* perlimiary statechart compiler (scxml -> c++)No'am Rosenthal2009-08-064-0/+313
* Changes in QStateMachine (rootState)No'am Rosenthal2009-07-221-3/+3
* Enabled using SCXML with an existing QScriptEngineNo'am Rosenthal2009-07-122-29/+55
* Work with the new activated trigger from QAbstractTransitionNoam Rosenthal2009-06-182-17/+11
* Bug fixes after testing with VUINoam Rosenthal2009-06-152-90/+274
* Fix headers for labsNoam Rosenthal2009-06-0816-240/+34
* Fix headers for labsNoam Rosenthal2009-06-0818-103/+374
* Documentation fixesNoam Rosenthal2009-06-084-7/+614
* some missing filesNoam Rosenthal2009-06-0812-296/+290
* scxml for 4.6Noam Rosenthal2009-06-0834-62/+2491
* Initial CommitNoam Rosenthal2009-06-073-0/+1627