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Add a couple of release note updates for C++ changes since Clang 4.
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C++ Language Changes in Clang
+- Support for the C++17 standard has been completed. This mode can be enabled
+ using ``-std=c++17`` (the old flag ``-std=c++1z`` is still supported for
+ compatibility).
+- When targeting a platform that uses the Itanium C++ ABI, Clang implements a
+ `recent change to the ABI`__ that passes objects of class type indirectly if they
+ have a non-trivial move constructor. Previous versions of Clang only
+ considered the copy constructor, resulting in an ABI change in rare cases,
+ but GCC has already implemented this change for several releases.
+ This affects all targets other than Windows and PS4. You can opt out of this
+ ABI change with ``-fclang-abi-compat=4.0``.
- As mentioned in `C Language Changes in Clang`_, Clang's support for
implicit scalar to vector conversions also applies to C++. Additionally
the following operators are also supported: ``&&`` and ``||``.
+.. __:
Objective-C Language Changes in Clang