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- Fixed random crash while accessing arguments.
- Fixed I18N on Windows.
- Qt5 compatibility fixes.
+- Fixed for path handling on Windows.
+- Fixed preselection of components from another component.
+- Added operationExists method on script side.
+- Unified access to the supported schemes.
+- Implemented missing setNativeArguments wrapper. (QTIFW-310)
+- Fixed banner image not working in dynamic pages. (QTIFW-471)
+- Fixed hang when entering wrong sudo password. (QTIFW-409 and QTIFW-451)
+- Documentation improvements.
- Updated translations.
-Thanks go to Takumi Asaki for contributions.
+Thanks go to Takumi Asaki and Sergey Belyashov for contributions.
- Fixed generation of random temp directory name. (QTIFW-427)