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Update Changelog3.1.2-rc2
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- Gain admin rights for writing MaintenanceTool config files if needed (QTIFW-1363)
- Update INSTALL file (QTIFW-1185)
- Fix initially deactivated buttons when selecting components to update (QTIFW-1320)
-- Fix MaintenanceTool file write permission check on Linux and macOS (QTIFW-1324)
- Fix installer hang on Windows with empty command prompt window appearing (QTIFW-1250)
- Add IFW version information to installerbase binary on Windows (QTIFW-1397)
- Fix Mkdir undo operation fail to remove directory in Settings operation (QTIFW-1365)
- Fix IFW version information not apparent on macOS (QTIFW-1396)
- Update repository categories on server authentication request (QTIFW-1358)
- Fix recalculation of components to install in MaintenanceTool (QTIFW-694)
-- Enable support for Qt 5.12. In Windows supported compiler is msvc2017 (QTIFW-1312)
+- Enable support for Qt 5.12. In Windows supported compilers are msvc2015 and msvc2017 (QTIFW-1312)
+- Set default file permissions to installer created files on Unix (QTIFW-1412)
- Add fetch to the same pane with package categories (QTIFW-1284)