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Add a DisplayName setting for repositories.
If DisplayName is set, it will be shown instead of the URL. This serves to hide a repositories URL while still being able to pinpoint bugreports to a specific repository. Task-number: QTIFW-244 Change-Id: Iaf0bc1612b42f1044da936d0fc2c4ad0e1e85d61 Reviewed-by: Tim Jenssen <> Reviewed-by: Karsten Heimrich <>
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\o Enabled, with 0 disabling this repository.
\o Username, which is used as user on a protected repository.
\o Password, which sets the password to use on a protected repository.
+ \o DisplayName, which optionally sets a String to display instead of the URL.
@@ -804,10 +805,11 @@
- <Url></Url>
+ <Url></Url>
+ <DisplayName>Example repository</DisplayName>