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\o \bold{VisibleName} The human readable name of the component - required.
\o \bold{Description} The human readable description of the component - required.
- \o \bold{Version} The version number of the component - required.
+ \o \bold{Version} The version number of the component needs the following format: [0-9]+((\.|-)[0-9]+)* such as 1-1;1.2-2;3.4.7 - required.
\o \bold{ReleaseDate} The day this component version was released - optional.
\o \bold{Name} domain-like identification for this component - required.
\o \bold{Dependencies} Comma-separated list of dependencies - optional.
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\o \bold{Important} The package is marked as important. This is relevant for updates found with UpdateAgent.
\o \bold{ForcedInstallation} This packages must always be installed and can't get unchecked by the user.
\o \bold{AutoSelectOn} Define boolean expressions with other components names to define when this components gets autoselected.
+ \o \bold{Replaces} Comma-separated list of components to replace - optional.
\section2 Additional features