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\title Configuration File
- A configuration file called \c config.xml specifies how to build the
- installer binaries and online repositories. The file is located in the
+ The configuration file customizes the UI and behavior of an installer.
+ The file is typically called \c config.xml and located in the
\c config directory.
- \section1 Configuration File Syntax
+ A minimal configuration file consists of an \c <Installer> root element
+ with \c <Name> and \c <Version> elements as children. All other elements
+ are optional, and can appear in arbitrary order.
- The configuration file has the following syntax:
+ The following example shows a typical configuration file:
\quotefile examples/config.xml
- \section2 Summary of Configuration Settings
+ \section1 Supported Configuration Settings
The following table summarizes the settings in the configuration file.
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\o Name of the installer as displayed on the title bar.
\o Publisher
- \o Publisher of the software.
+ \o Publisher of the software (as shown in the Windows Control Panel).
\o ProductUrl
\o URL to a page that contains product information on your web