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Doc: Replace 'Qt Installers' with just 'Installers'
It's obvious from the context that this is about installers created with the Qt Installer Framework. Change-Id: If2243f721142b7362c8c718a3c49c45bf288e972 Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen <>
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\page ifw-use-cases.html
\nextpage ifw-use-cases-install.html
- \title Using Qt Installers
+ \title Using Installers
The end user experience is similar for both offline and online installers.
The installers consist of a package manager and an updater that enable end
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\o \l{Overview of Qt Installer Framework}
- \o \l{Using Qt Installers}
+ \o \l{Using Installers}
\o \l{Initial Installation}
\o \l{Adding Components}
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\o \l{Getting Started}
\o \l{Tutorial: Creating an Installer}
- \o \l{Creating Qt Installers}
+ \o \l{Creating Installers}
\o \l{Creating Offline Installers}
\o \l{Creating Online Installers}
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\page ifw-creating-installers.html
\nextpage ifw-offline-installers.html
- \title Creating Qt Installers
+ \title Creating Installers
The following steps are needed to create offline and online installers: