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\o Execute
- \o "Execute" [{\a exitcodes}] \a command [\a parameter1 [\a parameter2 [\a parameter3 [\a parameter4]]]]
- \o Executes the command specified by \a command. Up to four
- parameters can be passed.
+ \o "Execute" [{\a exitcodes}] \a command [\a parameter1 [\a parameter... [\a parameter10]]]
+ \o Executes the command specified by \a command. Up to 10
+ parameters can be passed. If that is not enough, you can use a JavaScript string array.
Optionally, you can pass a comma-separated list of exit codes
within curly brackets ({}) as the first argument to specify the
exit codes for successful execution. This defaults to "{0}".
+ Other optional named arguments are: "workingdirectory=<your_working_dir>";
+ "errormessage=<your_custom_errormessage>"
+ In addition, a special argument, UNDOEXECUTE, separates the DO step of the operation
+ from the UNDO step.
+ example:
+ \code
+ component.addOperation("Execute", "touch", "test.txt", "UNDOEXECUTE", "rm", "test.txt")
+ \endcode
\o CreateShortcut
\o "CreateShortcut" \a filename \a linkname [\a arguments]