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Doc: add docs for Change UI Example
Describe the example files. Add example file extensions to the qdocconf file to have all files listed on the doc page. Fix capitalization in the configuration file. Use more descriptive values for the component in the package information file. Rearrange sections to be able to use an include file for documenting all package information files. Add more detailed information about creating the installer. Add image. Change-Id: I64ffff29d08f1dff4cd92c3b796f1a0e6c2fb280 Reviewed-by: Kai Koehne <>
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
- <Name>Change installer UI Example</Name>
+ <Name>Change Installer UI Example</Name>
- <Title>Change installer UI Example</Title>
+ <Title>Change Installer UI Example</Title>
- <StartMenuDir>Change installer UI Example</StartMenuDir>
- <TargetDir>@HomeDir@/IFWChangeInstallerUIExample</TargetDir>
+ <StartMenuDir>Qt IFW Examples</StartMenuDir>
+ <TargetDir>@HomeDir@/IfwExample</TargetDir>
diff --git a/examples/changeuserinterface/packages/org.qtproject.ifw.example.changeuserinterface/meta/package.xml b/examples/changeuserinterface/packages/org.qtproject.ifw.example.changeuserinterface/meta/package.xml
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+++ b/examples/changeuserinterface/packages/org.qtproject.ifw.example.changeuserinterface/meta/package.xml
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
- <DisplayName>Change UI example</DisplayName>
- <Description>Change license accept/reject labels text</Description>
- <ReleaseDate>2013-01-01</ReleaseDate>
+ <DisplayName>Dummy Component</DisplayName>
+ <Description>This example does not install any components. It demonstrates
+ modifying the text on the next page.</Description>
+ <ReleaseDate>2013-01-01</ReleaseDate>
<License name="Beer Public License Agreement" file="license.txt" />
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\brief Changing the installer UI by using a component script.
- \e {Change Installer UI} demonstrates how to add a license page to the
- installer by using a component script.
+ \image qtifw-examples-changeuserinterface.png
- \note Do not use component scripts for translations.
+ \e {Change Installer UI} demonstrates how to use the \c Component() function
+ to modify the default text for the radio button labels on the
+ \l{License Check Page}{license check page}. This example does not install
+ any components, but we specify a dummy component in the package information
+ file, because installers without components are not allowed.
\include installerfw-examples-configuring.qdocinc
@@ -44,8 +47,8 @@
\include installerfw-examples-packaging.qdocinc
- \li The \c <Version> section specifies the version number of the
- component.
+ \li The \c <Script> section specifies the file name of the JavaScript
+ file that is loaded to perform operations.
\li The \c <Licenses> section specifies the \c name of the license
agreement to be accepted by the end user and the filename of the
\c file that contains the license.
@@ -53,5 +56,22 @@
\quotefile changeuserinterface/packages/org.qtproject.ifw.example.changeuserinterface/meta/package.xml
+ \section1 Modifying UI Text
+ In installscript.qs, we call the \c Component() function to add the license
+ check page and to connect to the \c changeLicenseLabels signal when end
+ users enter the page:
+ \quotefromfile changeuserinterface/packages/org.qtproject.ifw.example.changeuserinterface/meta/installscript.qs
+ \skipto Component()
+ \printuntil }
+ We use the \c changeLicenseLabels function to change the text labels for the
+ accept and reject license radio buttons on the page:
+ \printuntil }
+ \note Do not use the \c Component() function to add translations.
\include installerfw-examples-generating.qdocinc
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