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Change 'Checkable' element behavior
Althogh 'Checkable' value is set to package, that can contain packages to install. Enabling the install of components using 'Checkable' value. Change-Id: I05d65fe2da65644872d46bdef3accd5e3f16ad31 Reviewed-by: Iikka Eklund <>
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component directory: componentF, componentF.subcomponent1, and
componentF.subcomponent1.subcomponent1. We also specify the component name and description
in each of them. The top level item, componentF, has \c <Checkable> set to \c false,
- so it cannot be selected. It also does not install the package, for that
- you will need to set \c <ForceInstallation> to \c true.
+ so it cannot be selected.
\quotefile hidecheckbox/packages/componentF/meta/package.xml
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-Shows how to disable top level item, allowing the installation of child items.
+Shows how to hide top level item's checkbox.
Generate installer with