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add exceptionhandler code for connected signals/JS methods
- there wasn't any error information if a C++ triggered signal resulted in a JS method which has an error, now it will create an exception for it - creating messagebox inside the lib is something what we want to avoid, so the developer itself is responsible to catch these exceptions - most cases of the installer code does that already Change-Id: I07486f73be9de13a486de235f14e3a7d7b54f5b1 Reviewed-by: Karsten Heimrich <>
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diff --git a/src/libs/installer/scriptengine.cpp b/src/libs/installer/scriptengine.cpp
index 6178f467f..9ff8ae75e 100644
--- a/src/libs/installer/scriptengine.cpp
+++ b/src/libs/installer/scriptengine.cpp
@@ -209,6 +209,8 @@ ScriptEngine::ScriptEngine(PackageManagerCore *core)
.setProperty(QLatin1String("components"), scriptComponentsObject);
+ connect(this, SIGNAL(signalHandlerException(QScriptValue)), SLOT(handleException(QScriptValue)));
@@ -279,6 +281,12 @@ QScriptValue ScriptEngine::loadInConext(const QString &context, const QString &f
return scriptContext;
+void ScriptEngine::handleException(const QScriptValue &value)
+ if (!value.engine())
+ return;
+ throw Error(uncaughtExceptionString(this, tr("Fatal error while evaluating a script.")));
Tries to call the method with \a name within the script and returns the result. If the method