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Restart on the wizard needs to cleanup component left-overs
- use two different script engine instances - one which lives from the beginning -> the controlScriptEngine - the other one which will be reset if there are some new repositories loaded - now the core has a pointer to the gui object, but it should only be used by the script engine so a QObject type should be enough - engines are deleted as QObject children from the PackageManagerCore - registered downloaded archives are removed Change-Id: I60a4a32fb2e409059839ec11b10c57357454f57a Reviewed-by: Michal Klocek <> Reviewed-by: Karsten Heimrich <>
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diff --git a/tests/auto/installer/scriptengine/tst_scriptengine.cpp b/tests/auto/installer/scriptengine/tst_scriptengine.cpp
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--- a/tests/auto/installer/scriptengine/tst_scriptengine.cpp
+++ b/tests/auto/installer/scriptengine/tst_scriptengine.cpp
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ private slots:
m_component->setValue("Default", "Script");
m_component->setValue(scName, "");
- m_scriptEngine = m_core.scriptEngine();
+ m_scriptEngine = m_core.componentScriptEngine();
void testBrokenJSMethodConnect()