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repository. The packages are not included in the installer
- \o -u updateurl
- \o Receive updates from another repository.
- \row
\o --update
\o Place only the specified packages in the repository, without
their dependencies. Make sure to also add the Updates.xml from
@@ -796,14 +793,14 @@
Use the \c repogen tool to create online repositories of all packages of one package directory:
- repogen.exe -p <package_directory> -c <config_directory>\<config_file> repository <repository_directory>
+ repogen.exe -p <package_directory> <repository_directory>
For example, to create a repository that contains only org.qt-project.sdk.qt and
org.qt-project.sdk.qtcreator, enter the following
- repogen.exe -p packages -c installer-config\config.xml -i org.qt-project.sdk.qt,org.qt-project.sdk.qtcreator repository
+ repogen.exe -p packages -i org.qt-project.sdk.qt,org.qt-project.sdk.qtcreator repository
When the repository has been created, upload it to a web server. You must
diff --git a/tests/test-installer/create-test-installer.bat b/tests/test-installer/create-test-installer.bat
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@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ IF "%ONLINE_INSTALLER%" EQU "true" (
IF "%REPOGEN%" EQU "true" (
echo create online repository
@IF exist ..\..\bin\repository rmdir /S /Q ..\..\bin\repository
- ..\..\bin\repogen.exe -p ..\..\examples\testapp\packages -c ..\..\examples\testapp\config\config.xml ..\..\bin\repository
+ ..\..\bin\repogen.exe -p ..\..\examples\testapp\packages ..\..\bin\repository
@if %ERRORLEVEL% NEQ 0 goto error_marker ELSE goto done_marker