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\li "Move" \c source \c target
\li Moves a file from \c source to \c target.
+ \li SimpleMoveFile
+ \li "SimpleMoveFile" \c source \c target
+ \li Moves a file from \c source to \c target.
+ \row
\li Delete
\li "Delete" \c filename
\li Deletes the file specified by \c filename.
@@ -71,6 +75,10 @@
\li "Rmdir" \c path
\li Removes the directory path \c path.
+ \li CopyDirectory
+ \li "CopyDirectory" \c sourcePath \c targetPath
+ \li Copies a directory from \c sourcePath to \c targetPath.
+ \row
\li AppendFile
\li "AppendFile" \c filename \c text
\li Appends \c text to the file specified by \c filename. \c text is
@@ -86,7 +94,7 @@
\li Opens \c file to find \c search string and replaces that with the \c replace string.
\li LineReplace
- \li "LineReplace" \c file \c search \ replace
+ \li "LineReplace" \c file \c search \c replace
\li Opens \c file to find lines that start with \c search string and
replaces that with the \c replace string.
@@ -178,6 +186,48 @@
\c command. Optionally, you can specify \c description,
\c contentType, and \c icon. This is currently only supported on
+ \row
+ \li ConsumeOutput
+ \li "ConsumeOutput" \c installerKeyName \c executablePath \c processArguments
+ \li Saves the output from running the executable located at
+ \c executablePath with the arguments \c processArguments to the
+ installer key specified by \c installerKeyName. Additional
+ arguments can be passed.
+ \row
+ \li CreateLink
+ \li "CreateLink" \c linkPath \c targetPath
+ \li Creates a link from the location specified by \c linkPath to
+ the location specified by \c targetPath.
+ \row
+ \li CreateLocalRepository
+ \li "CreateLocalRepository" \c binaryPath \c repoPath
+ \li Creates a local repository in the directory specified by
+ \c repoPath. For offline installers, stores binary data in the
+ directory specified by \c binaryPath.
+ \row
+ \li FakeStopProcessForUpdate
+ \li "FakeStopProcessForUpdate" \c processlist
+ \li Matches running processes against the comma-separated entries in \c processlist
+ during uninstallation. If matches are found, shows a messagebox asking the user
+ to stop those processes before continuing.
+ \row
+ \li License
+ \li "License" \c licenses
+ \li Copies the license files specified by \c licenses.
+ \row
+ \li MinimumProgress
+ \li "MinimumProgress"
+ \li Increases the progress value by one.
+ \row
+ \li SelfRestart
+ \li "SelfRestart" \c core
+ \li Restarts the updater or package manager specified by \c core.
+ \row
+ \li Settings
+ \li "Settings" \c path \c method \c key \c aValue
+ \li Sets or removes the value \c aValue of \c key in the settings file
+ or registry located at \c path, depending on the value of
+ \c method: \c set, \c remove, \c add_array_value, and \c remove_array_value.
If errors occur, you can test operations manually on the uninstaller or