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- Fix --checkupdates mode.
- Prevent disabled component to be selected using the Select All button. (QTIFW-635)
- Windows: Fix crashes in elevated installation. (QTIFW-6656, QTIFW-659)
+- OS X: Fix problems with writing settings in elevated installation (QTIFW-709)
- Fix crash on exit for Windows XP, Vista. (QTIFW-652)
-- Documentation updates.
- Re-add handling of zero compression level files supported by 7z.
+- Improve Proxy Credentials dialog.
+- Make component checker warning optional (set QT_LOGGING_RULES=ifw.componentChecker=true to enable).
+- Make code ready to be compiled with Qt 5.5.
+- Documentation updates.
- Require Qt 5.4 as a minimal version, Qt 4 code removed.