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* Add a comment to progress calculation.Niels Weber2013-09-181-4/+5
* Add separate files-to-patch list for Qt5 in embedded armSamuli Piippo2013-09-182-0/+13
* transform progress misscalculations warnings to debugsTim Jenssen2013-09-181-2/+2
* Fix incremental buildsMichal Klocek2013-09-171-2/+1
* Don't show RunProgram after uninstall.Niels Weber2013-09-171-1/+1
* Fix not moving uninstallation progressBarMichal Klocek2013-09-171-0/+2
* Fix starting the app when installation finishedMichal Klocek2013-09-171-1/+1
* convert FinishButton only at isUpdater and is isPackageMangerTim Jenssen2013-09-131-4/+4
* Minor. Fixes unregistered type warning.Michal Klocek2013-09-131-0/+1
* Add support to pass a query string when downloading archives.Niels Weber2013-09-132-4/+7
* Bugfix ported from 1.5 branch on customer requestMichal Klocek2013-09-132-15/+0
* Minor. Make dynamic pages look alikeMichal Klocek2013-09-131-1/+1
* Rewrite function to use QFile::map().kh12013-09-101-26/+20
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.3' into 1.4Tim Jenssen2013-09-091-1/+1
| * Fix installer.dat not found issueMichal Klocek2013-08-281-1/+1
* | fix progress for redirected HTTP Downloadskh12013-09-091-0/+6
* | Cleanup and improve output of --helpNiels Weber2013-08-291-44/+48
* | Add a line to --help about multiple repositories.1.4.0Niels Weber2013-08-271-0/+6
* | Update files-to-patch-* for 5.2Iikka Eklund2013-08-264-0/+16
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.3' into 1.4Tim Jenssen2013-08-261-0/+8
|\ \ | |/
| * Fixes QTIFW-322, missing magic cookie in installer binaryMichal Klocek2013-08-231-0/+8
| * Disallow installing over existing installation.Niels Weber2013-07-251-3/+2
* | Add Japanese translation.Takumi Asaki2013-08-224-3/+2475
* | fix that finishButtonClicked didn't come in every caseTim Jenssen2013-08-222-0/+19
* | fix the use of the FinishButton from script sideTim Jenssen2013-08-211-0/+12
* | code cleanupTim Jenssen2013-08-211-7/+5
* | Don't break translations for word wrapping.Niels Weber2013-08-201-1/+2
* | Fix pattern for disallowed directory namesNiels Weber2013-08-201-2/+2
* | Fix grammar in German translationKai Koehne2013-08-191-1/+1
* | Display release date in Updater and PackagemanagerNiels Weber2013-08-193-3/+10
* | fix missed patching step on macTim Jenssen2013-08-161-13/+91
* | Fix broken "Next" button behavior after uncheck/check of a component.kh12013-08-142-4/+10
* | Force updating of Essential components.kh12013-08-145-8/+45
* | Documented two more predefined variables.Niels Weber2013-08-121-0/+2
* | Fix selected translation in special circumstances.Niels Weber2013-08-091-6/+16
* | Make it possible to filter repositories not matching the license.kh12013-08-084-3/+20
* | Fix stupid mistake to use a private class in public API.kh12013-08-077-31/+37
* | Fix component selection shows wrong package sizes.kh12013-08-072-19/+12
* | use dependency solver to order the installed operationsTim Jenssen2013-08-064-2/+207
* | If we reset the model, we need to delete old components as well.kh12013-08-061-0/+1
* | Mac: Patch also paths to files that still existKai Koehne2013-08-051-2/+1
* | Fix update component selection shows wrong package sizes.kh12013-07-303-2/+9
* | Fix broken model/component update due to wrong connected signals.Tim Jenssen2013-07-293-23/+15
* | cleanup some more if statementsTim Jenssen2013-07-261-16/+12
* | add component name to operation debug outputTim Jenssen2013-07-262-3/+3
* | rename operation to operationNameTim Jenssen2013-07-262-14/+14
* | Fix race condition when connecting to fs processKai Koehne2013-07-241-2/+10
* | cleanup installicon operationTim Jenssen2013-07-011-19/+28
* | Also disallow ~ in installpath.Niels Weber2013-06-271-1/+1
* | Allow to add an icon to the link, update example to show all args.kh12013-06-261-15/+28