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* remove testvm-configs directoryTim Jenssen2013-02-224-23/+0
* fix the tst_settings.cppTim Jenssen2013-02-211-4/+4
* no warning output if exception error is createdTim Jenssen2013-02-211-4/+4
* Autotest: Fix execution on macKai Koehne2013-02-211-0/+1
* Mark <Pages> element as deprecated.Kai Koehne2013-02-211-0/+1
* Hide warnings in settings autotestKai Koehne2013-02-201-0/+9
* Fix auto test for WinChristian Stenger2013-02-191-0/+6
* Fix compilation of tests on LinuxChristian Stenger2013-02-183-3/+0
* Fix compilation of tests on LinuxKai Koehne2013-02-182-2/+0
* Remove SigningCertificate from config.xmlKai Koehne2013-02-142-4/+0
* Make loading of config.xml more strictKai Koehne2013-02-136-5/+229
* Add auto-test for QInstaller::SettingsKai Koehne2013-02-139-0/+147
* Fix create-test-installer.shKai Koehne2013-01-281-1/+1
* Change copyright headers from Nokia to DigiaSergio Ahumada2012-12-2133-152/+1275
* Follow advice given by Joerg, DEPENDPATH is now deprecated.kh12012-11-206-6/+0
* adjust the existing create-test-installer.bat to new syntax of the ifwTim Jenssen2012-06-111-41/+58
* Build tools, examples and test as extra target.kh12012-03-231-1/+21
* Reorganize the tree, have better ifw.pri. Shadow build support.kh12012-03-197-44/+257
* Fix formating and build with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII.kh12012-03-163-19/+22
* Keep common just for the tools.kh12012-03-134-6/+6
* clean up pro filestjenssen2012-03-132-4/+0
* Move everything releated to testing into tests.kh12012-03-1318-0/+1049
* fix cases where now only 2012 was stated as copyright yearkh12012-02-011-1/+1
* Qt SDK -> Installer FrameworkNiels Weber2012-01-311-1/+1
* mass change 2011 -> 2012 for copyrightNiels Weber2012-01-311-1/+1
* moved some directories and adjusted the READMETim Jenssen2011-03-0950-0/+2564