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+QUIP: 10
+Title: Reviewing API changes in preparation for release
+Author: Edward Welbourne
+Status: Active
+Type: Process
+Requires: QUIP-11
+Created: 2018-04-17
+Reviewing API changes in preparation for release
+The Qt project makes various commitments about compatibility between versions.
+In support of ensuring that we live up to those commitments,
+and to check whether additions conform to our `API design principles`_,
+we review changes to API as part of the preparation for a release.
+Such review begins after feature freeze.
+The new release's API is not finalized until the review is complete.
+Any changes to API that happen after feature freeze must be reported
+on the API review for the affected module.
+Form of the review
+The review takes the form of a code review, comparing the API-defining
+files of each module at the last release with their counterparts for
+the upcoming release.
+A commit representing this change, for each module, can be generated
+by scripts in the qtsdk_ module, named ``all-api-modules``
+and ``api-review-gen``, which drive other scripts.
+See ``all-api-modules --help`` for details.
+Although the review is actually of a commit based on the earlier
+release, it is reviewed as part of the work on the branch that is
+being prepared for release.
+Unlike other code reviews, it is thus not suitable for integration.
+Organization of the review
+When the review is to be started,
+a task is opened in the Qt project's bug-tracking system and
+treated as a blocker for the upcoming release.
+Its issue identifier shall be used in the Task-number: footer of each
+API review (see the ``--task-number`` option to ``api-review-gen``).
+Once the API reviews are published, they are announced on the Qt developer
+mailing list.
+Contributors to the project and users of the Qt framework may then comment
+on these reviews in the usual ways.
+Any issues raised in review should be recorded in the bug-tracking system
+as blockers of the primary review task and of the release.
+The blocker's identifier shall be used as the Task-number: footer in any
+commits that seek to resolve the issue.
+Such issues are closed once the API correction has been merged and the
+API review has been updated to include the fix.
+Once each module's API review has been accepted by the module's
+maintainers, the review is abandoned to indicate that it is complete.
+No further changes to that module's API may be made for this release.
+When all modules' API reviews have closed, the review task is resolved as Done.
+.. _qtsdk:
+.. _`API design principles`: