BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.12Update pyside2-tools submoduleFriedemann Kleint6 days
5.12.0Cleanup version strings for 5.12.0 releaseSimo Fält8 months
5.12.1Cleanup version strings for 5.12.1 releaseSimo Fält7 months
5.12.2Amend the Embedding Patch for cx_FreezeChristian Tismer5 months
5.12.3Cleanup version strings for 5.12.3 releaseSimo Fält4 months
5.12.4Cleanup version strings for 5.12.4 releaseSimo Fält2 months
5.13Add QtCore.Slot.__signature__ and much more manuallyChristian Tismer10 hours
5.13.0Add changelog for 5.13.0Cristián Maureira-Fredes8 weeks
5.14Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.13' into 5.14"Friedemann Kleint39 hours
devUpdate pyside2-tools submoduleFriedemann Kleint6 days
v5.12.4commit cc24107424...Simo Fält2 months
v5.12.3commit fef1bfb906...Simo Fält4 months
v5.12.2commit e91acf68a8...Akseli Salovaara5 months
v5.12.1commit da3cde5633...Simo Fält7 months
v5.12.0commit 0997b20550...Simo Fält8 months
v5.11.2commit 824b7733c0...Simo Fält11 months
v5.11.1commit 3b5eac22e3...Simo Fält13 months
v5.11.0commit 14a583c7cc...Simo Fält14 months
maya2commit 163b463472...Christian Tismer21 months
maya1commit 17f9e415bd...Christian Tismer21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2012-03-08Bump version to Parente Lima1-1/+1
2012-03-08Fix regression with enums.Lauro Neto2-26/+28
2012-03-08Fix ABI break and link error on MS Parente Lima2-4/+4
2012-03-08Version bump to 1.0.8.Hugo Parente Lima1-3/+3
2012-03-08Don't delete parentInfo when it seens to be useless to avoid crash on garbage...Hugo Parente Lima2-13/+13
2012-03-08Add constructor overload AutoDecRef(SbkObject*).Hugo Parente Lima1-0/+6
2012-03-08Fixes writeReturnValueHeuristics to not mess with constructors.Marcelo Lira2-1/+2
2012-03-08Fixed code style on sbkenum.cppHugo Parente Lima1-9/+4
2012-03-08Fixed regression that made enums not hashable.Hugo Parente Lima3-1/+10
2012-03-08Made SbkChar_Check macro safer with parenthesis.Marcelo Lira1-5/+1