BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.14.2Bump version numbers for releaseSimo Fält9 months
5.15Add mirror url to download MSVC redistributablesSimo Fält3 months
5.15.1Cleanup version strings for 5.15.1 releaseSimo Fält7 months
5.15.2setup.py: Fix 'clean' commandFriedemann Kleint5 months
6.0shiboken6: Prevent crashes when registering static fieldsFriedemann Kleint27 hours
6.0.0Cleanup version strings for 6.0.0 releaseSimo Fält4 months
6.0.1Cleanup version strings for 6.0.1 releaseSimo Fält2 months
6.0.2Cleanup version strings for 6.0.2 releaseSimo Fält6 weeks
6.0.3Pin qt5 sha1 to Qt 6.0.3 submodule updateAkseli Salovaara8 days
devsnippets_translate: Do not crash on multi-line emit statementsFriedemann Kleint2 hours
v6.0.2commit b4b2768b9d...Simo Fält5 weeks
v6.0.1commit b4c0e130fd...Simo Fält2 months
v5.15.2commit ef19637b7e...Simo Fält5 months
v5.15.1commit a15175a273...Simo Fält7 months
v5.14.2.3commit db1c80add6...Simo Fält9 months
v5.15.0commit c24dc5c36f...Simo Fält11 months
v5.14.2.2commit 4db8ca80b2...Simo Fält11 months
v5.14.2.1commit 6341c063de...Simo Fält12 months
v5.14.2commit d2be09eef0...Akseli Salovaara13 months
v5.14.1commit 8a12ff8811...Simo Fält15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-12-16Cleanup version string for 5.14.0 releasev5. Fält2-4/+4
2019-12-16Add changelog for 5.14.0Cristian Maureira-Fredes1-0/+69
2019-12-13Add external python modules examplesCristián Maureira-Fredes6-0/+633
2019-12-12Doc: Document the Property function in QtCoreVenugopal Shivashankar1-0/+62
2019-12-12Finalize the Python 3.8 refcount fixChristian Tismer1-5/+7
2019-12-12Shiboken: QtDoc: Fix the fancy TOC in the module index pageVenugopal Shivashankar1-0/+3
2019-12-09Fix tools\debug_windows.py to properly display possible error snippetsAlexandru Croitor1-1/+1
2019-12-09Add better error handling to debug windows python scriptAlexandru Croitor1-9/+14
2019-12-06Doc: Fix warnings about link targets and indentationVenugopal Shivashankar11-33/+58
2019-12-05Remove QtScript from missing bindings scriptMariana Meireles1-1/+0