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Added the "default-constructor" attribute to the "primitive-type" tag.
The default-constructor attribute specifies a way to build an instance of a class declared as primitive type using default arguments. Documentation and a test were also added. Reviewed by Luciano Wolf <luciano.wolf@openbossa.org> Reviewed by Renato Ara├║jo <renato.filho@openbossa.org>
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@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@ primitive-type
<primitive-type name="..."
+ default-constructor="..."
preferred-conversion="yes | no" />
@@ -93,6 +94,13 @@ primitive-type
and "long long" become "long" but we should prefer the "qint64" version. For
this reason we mark "long long" with preferred-conversion="no".
+ The *optional* **preferred-conversion** attribute tells how to build a default
+ instance of the primitive type. It should be a constructor call capable of
+ creating a instance of the primitive type. Example: a class "Foo" could have
+ a **preferred-conversion** value set to "Foo()". Usually this attribute is
+ used only for classes declared as primitive types and not for primitive C++
+ types, but that depends on the application using *ApiExtractor*.
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