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Fix macOS build when building inside Homebrew environment
A brew build environment sets up a clang shim (fake clang ruby script that sets up additional compiler flags), which passes all brew formula dependency include paths as system include paths (via -isystem). This also includes the Qt dependency. Because our clang parser currently ignores system headers (see Builder::visitLocation in clangbuilder.cpp) and because Qt include statements inside header files would resolve to the system header location, this would result in no Qt classes being recognized by the API extractor, and thus fail the build. Fix this by checking for an environment variable that brew sets inside its build environment, to filter out the unnecessary -isystem flags. This way the Qt include path would be passed as a non-system include path from CMake, and thus correctly complete the build. Task-number: PYSIDE-731 Change-Id: I9b543eddc85270f1e8a90d9f30194b2a862e80d7 Reviewed-by: Christian Tismer <tismer@stackless.com> Reviewed-by: Alberto Sottile <alby128@gmail.com>
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