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Implement proper void pointer (void*) support
This change introduces a new type into the shiboken2 module which is imported by calling "import PySide2.support.VoidPtr". The type takes care of conversions from / to void* values in function signatures. Creating an instance can be done by passing either a shiboken wrapped object, or an integer representing an address, or a python object that implements the buffer interface. For example, this is useful for passing numpy arrays to C OpenGL functions that take void* parameters. First you convert the array into a bytestring (using numpy.array.tobytes(), then you instantiate a VoidPtr from that bytestring, and finally you pass it along to a GL function. One corner case that is currently not supported is void** parameters. Change-Id: I01e291d6856cb6bd8b5175adc3ead6b728036535 Reviewed-by: Christian Tismer <tismer@stackless.com>
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