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* Fix bug 1013 - "connect to QSqlTableModel.primeInsert() causes crash"Hugo Parente Lima2012-03-081-0/+3
* Remove typesystem verbosity after fix of bug 417.Hugo Parente Lima2012-03-081-1/+1
* Type systems of all modules but QtCore and QtGui reviewed.Hugo Parente Lima2012-03-081-0/+4
* Modified the type system files to make use of nested type declarations.Marcelo Lira2010-09-231-16/+17
* Added license boilerplates to all typesystem files.Hugo Parente Lima2010-09-091-0/+19
* Typesystem cleanup.Hugo Parente Lima2010-07-061-12/+3
* Initial QtSql bindings.Hugo Lima2010-03-221-0/+158