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* Fixed memory leak.Renato Filho2012-03-091-21/+54
* Fix bug#260 - "Can't modify argument name of a function added with add-functi...Hugo Parente Lima2012-03-091-15/+17
* Enable warning for arguments without name.Renato Filho2012-03-091-0/+12
* Added methods to AbstractMetaClass to verify the presence of protected members.Marcelo Lira2012-03-091-0/+18
* Add method setTypeEntry to AbstractMetaFunction.Hugo Parente Lima2012-03-091-0/+5
* Added the "function" tag to ApiExtractor.Hugo Parente Lima2012-03-091-9/+5
* Removed methods includeFile and setIncludeFile from AbstractMetaAttribute.Hugo Parente Lima2012-03-091-13/+10
* Adds convenience methods regarding copy constructors to AbstractMetaClass.Marcelo Lira2012-03-091-0/+3
* External conversion operators are now part of a class' implicit conversions.Marcelo Lira2010-02-261-1/+1
* AbstractMetaClasses now store a collection of external conversions.Marcelo Lira2010-02-261-0/+19
* Fix AbstractMetaFunction::implicitConversions.Hugo Lima2010-02-081-1/+1
* Add helper method AbstractMetaClassList::findClass(const TypeEntry* typeEntry).Hugo Lima2010-01-261-0/+1
* Adds support for varargs in AbstractMetaArgument, AbstractMetaType and Vararg...Marcelo Lira2009-12-161-0/+7
* Adds support for module level 'add-function' tag.Marcelo Lira2009-12-161-1/+2
* Modified the AbstractMetaFunction class to have a separated flag toMarcelo Lira2009-11-241-2/+13
* Added methods to set and check for protected and virtual destructorMarcelo Lira2009-11-241-0/+24
* Export AbstractMetaField class.Hugo Lima2009-11-201-2/+1
* APIExtractor is a huge amount of legacy code inherited from QtScriptGenerator,Hugo Lima2009-11-131-10/+8
* Add m_stream attribute to AbstractMetaClassLauro Neto2009-11-091-1/+14
* Added convenience method AbstractMetaFunction::injectedCodeSnips.Hugo Lima2009-10-301-0/+7
* Added convenience method AbstractMetaClass::findFunction.Hugo Lima2009-10-301-0/+1
* Added support for add-function tag into typesystem.Hugo Lima2009-10-211-1/+2
* Add method AbstractMetaFunction::isCastOperator.Hugo Lima2009-10-161-0/+1
* Create a new method to AbstractType: isValuePointer.Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho2009-08-261-0/+6
* AbstractMetaClass::name() and AbstractMetaType::name() now return onlyMarcelo Lira2009-08-251-2/+6
* The genesis...Hugo Lima2009-08-171-0/+1874