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* Prepare the Signature Module For More ApplicationsChristian Tismer2018-10-111-0/+43
This is the preparation for a number of planned applications and extensions using the signature module. This general overhaul contains: - Extraction of signature enumerations into enum_sigs.py, - a list of current keyword errors in arguments which are unsolved in shiboken, but temporarily fixed in parser.py (too many for XML), - fix spurious duplications in multiple signatures - corrections for keyword errors in function names which cannot be fixed by Python (quite few), - fixing "..." arguments into "*args", - supporting the "slot wrapper" type. This is necessary for methods like "__add__", "__mul__" etc. - Create an extra function "get_signature" that has a parameter to modify the appearance, i.e. without self, without returntype, etc. Task-number: PYSIDE-510 Change-Id: If16f7bf02c6e7cbbdc970058bb630ea4db2b854a Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot <qt_ci_bot@qt-project.org> Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <alexandru.croitor@qt.io>