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* Build scripts: Add support for ninjaFriedemann Kleint2018-11-271-11/+23
* Format python files to use PEP8Cristian Maureira-Fredes2018-05-231-9/+9
* Split and move various parts into different filesAlexandru Croitor2018-04-301-3/+12
* Registry: Trigger re-generation of files for Qt3DChristian Tismer2018-02-021-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.9Friedemann Kleint2018-01-051-0/+14
* small enhancement for testrunnerChristian Tismer2017-12-221-0/+1
* testrunner 5: Improve the algorithmChristian Tismer2017-12-211-13/+72
* testrunner 3: Replace (n)make and tee by ctestChristian Tismer2017-12-211-59/+72
* testrunner 1: Turn into a packageChristian Tismer2017-12-211-0/+132