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* Add script to generate changelogsCristian Maureira-Fredes2019-06-171-0/+219
This tool generate the changelog for the Qt for Python project. Since the structure is different from other Qt project, this script split the changes between the ones to shiboken, and pyside. A shiboken change must contain the word "shiboken" in the title, everything else will be consider a "pyside" change. The only reported commits are the one associated with a certain task: Fixes or Task-number. The option accepts tags, branches or SHAs. Usage: python create_changelog.py -v v5.12.0..v5.12.1 -r 5.12.1 python create_changelog.py -v v5.11.4..5.13.0 -r 5.13.0 -t minor python create_changelog.py -v 9e13465a..5.12 -r 5.12 python create_changelog.py -v 5.17..6.0 -r 6.0 -t major The availables arguments are the following: -d DIRECTORY, --directory DIRECTORY Repository directory, the current one is default. -v VERSIONS, --versions VERSIONS Tags, branches, or SHA to compare e.g.: v5.12.1..5.12 v5.12.0..v5.12.1 cebc32a5..5.12 -r RELEASE, --release RELEASE Release version: e.g.: 5.12.4 -t TYPE, --type TYPE Release type: bug-fix (default), minor, or major There was an issue related to commits that were found twice, having no task number on the second time. Added type annotations for the functions. Sorted the changelog by task-number. Change-Id: Ia283864fa8add03e136afd75fe7a139ce7e190d8 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@qt.io>