BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.10Fix SOFT ASSERT for parametrized dependencies in Export/Module itemsJoerg Bornemann9 months
1.11Prevent empty strings in qbsSearchPathsJoerg Bornemann5 months
1.12qmake build: Opt out of qtquickcompiler functionalityChristian Kandeler3 days
1.4Fix unwanted "concurrency" in Executor.Christian Kandeler3 years
1.5BuildGraphLocker: Include 5.7.0 in versions that have QTBUG-53392Orgad Shaneh2 years
1.6Fix bug that causes re-linking on every build on LinuxChristian Kandeler23 months
1.7Fix ScriptEngine::PropertyCacheKeyChristian Kandeler19 months
1.8Install missing public headerJoerg Bornemann15 months
1.9Add changelog file for 1.9.1Christian Kandeler13 months
masterAndroid: Convert to new-style property access syntaxChristian Kandeler2 days
v1.12.1commit 4661759492...Kai Koehne4 weeks
v1.12.0commit 2440b19b28...Christian Kandeler3 months
v1.11.1commit ece99a4c5f...Christian Kandeler6 months
v1.11.0commit 0b141d7ecb...Joerg Bornemann7 months
v1.10.1commit 764fd1f6ea...Christian Kandeler8 months
v1.10.0commit 08ce978733...Christian Kandeler10 months
v1.9.1commit 83f43f57ac...Christian Kandeler13 months
v1.9.0commit 9077f10d46...Joerg Bornemann14 months
v1.8.1commit 7e0191856b...Christian Kandeler16 months
v1.8.0commit da5e38c561...Christian Kandeler17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysAndroid: Convert to new-style property access syntaxHEADmasterChristian Kandeler1-6/+4
2 daysAndroid: Enable building apps with native code and no multiplexingChristian Kandeler8-17/+91
2 daysMerge 1.12 into masterChristian Kandeler5-13/+29
3 daysqmake build: Opt out of qtquickcompiler functionality1.12Christian Kandeler1-0/+2
3 daysqtprofilesetup: Understand the mkspec prefix "mingw"Christian Kandeler4-13/+27
6 daysAndroid: Update compiler flagsChristian Kandeler1-31/+6
9 daysAndroid: Make sure the manifest file has the right package nameChristian Kandeler3-4/+35
9 daysMerge 1.12 into masterChristian Kandeler36-110/+374
9 dayslibqtprofilesetup: Try to find the library when .prl file is missingChristian Kandeler1-10/+27
9 daysExporter.qbs: Prevent passing an empty string to FileInfo.relativePath()Christian Kandeler1-1/+1