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Add how-to about ccache
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+ \externalpage https://ccache.samba.org/
+ \title ccache
+ \externalpage https://ccache.samba.org/manual.html#_precompiled_headers
+ \title ccache documentation about precompiled headers
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\li \l{How do I use precompiled headers?}
\li \l{How do I make sure my generated sources are getting compiled?}
\li \l{How do I run my autotests?}
+ \li \l{How do I use ccache?}
\li \l{How do I create a module for a third-party library?}
\li \l{How do I build against libraries that provide pkg-config files?}
\li \l{How do I create application bundles and frameworks on iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS?}
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See the \l{AutotestRunner}{AutotestRunner documentation} for how to fine-tune the behavior.
+ \section1 How do I use ccache?
+ \l ccache is a popular C/C++ compiler cache on Unix to speed up compiling the
+ same content multiple times.
+ \QBS excels at tracking dependencies and avoiding needless recompilations, so
+ for linear development of one project and configuration using ccache
+ has little benefit. But if you switch between revisions of a project,
+ or build the same project with different configurations, a global cache like
+ ccache can speed up compilations significantly.
+ ccache can be used by setting up symbolic links to compiler executables
+ (such as \c g++, \c gcc) in the file system. In this setup, the use of ccache is
+ transparent to \QBS. If you prefer to call ccache explicitly, you should
+ set \l{cpp::compilerWrapper}{cpp.compilerWrapper} to \c ccache.
+ \note Using precompiled headers might prevent ccache from actually
+ using cached results. To work around this, you can set
+ \c{sloppiness=pch_defines,time_macros} in your local ccache options.
+ See the \l{ccache documentation about precompiled headers} for further details.
\section1 How do I create a module for a third-party library?
If you have pre-built binary files in your source tree, you can create