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Add changelog for 1.15.0 release
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+# General
+* Added a session command which offers a JSON-based API for interaction with
+ other tools via stdin/ stdout. This allows for proper Qbs support in IDEs that
+ do not use Qt or even C++.
+# Language
+* Probes are now evaluated before Profile items and can be used to create
+ profiles on project level.
+* AutotestRunner got a separate job pool.
+* Added a timeout property to Command, JavaScriptCommand and AutotestRunner.
+ This allows to identify and kill stuck commands.
+# C/C++ Support
+* Ensure proper support of Xcode 11.
+* Linker map files can be generated with all toolchains.
+* Bare metal toolchains can now generate listing files.
+* Improve the command line output filtering of bare metal toolchains.
+* Added support for clang in mingw mode on Windows.
+* Added msp430 support to GCC and IAR.
+* Added STM8 support to IAR and SDCC.
+* Added IDE project generators for IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, AVR, 8051,
+ MSP430, and STM8 architectures.
+* Added IDE project generators for KEIL uVision v4 for ARM and 8051
+ architectures.
+* Added more bare metal project examples for various target platforms.
+* The IAR, KEIL and SDCC toolchains are now found automatically in various.
+ locations by the setup-toolchains command and by probes if no installPath is
+ set in the profile.
+# Infrastructure
+* Automated build and testing on Ubuntu, macOS and Windows.
+* Added Ubuntu bionic Docker image which replaces Debian stretch.
+* Updated Qt in the Ubuntu and Windows Docker images to 5.12.
+* When building Qbs, Qt libraries can now be bundled on Linux, macOS and
+ Windows.
+# Contributors
+* Alberto Mardegan <mardy@users.sourceforge.net>
+* Christian Kandeler <christian.kandeler@qt.io>
+* Denis Shienkov <denis.shienkov@gmail.com>
+* Ivan Komissarov <ABBAPOH@gmail.com>
+* Jochen Ulrich <jochenulrich@t-online.de>
+* Joerg Bornemann <joerg.bornemann@qt.io>
+* Richard Weickelt <richard@weickelt.de>