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Clean up the documentation for the Scanner item
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\title Scanner Item
\brief Creates custom dependency scanners in modules.
- An \c Scanner item can appear inside a \l{Module Item}, and allows to define
- artifacts dependency, according to the artifacts contents.
- For example scanner for "qrc" files:
+ A \c Scanner item can appear inside a \l{Module Item}, and allows to extract
+ dependencies for artifacts from the artifacts' file contents.
+ For example, this is what a scanner for "qrc" files might look like:
import qbs.Xml
Module {
Scanner {
- condition: true
inputs: 'qrc'
scan: {
var xml = new XmlDomDocument(input.filePath);
dependencies = [];
- // do something with the xml
+ // retrieve <file> entries from the XML document
return dependencies;
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\li recursive
\li bool
\li false
- \li Determines whether to scan dependencies recursively.
+ \li Determines whether to scan the returned dependencies using the same scanner.
\li searchPaths
\li script