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Add FileInfo.canonicalPath
[ChangeLog] Added the canonicalPath() function to the FileInfo extension. Task-number: QBS-742 Change-Id: I8490b1bbdb3ac4ce84b80e82ca9f37bd2816e150 Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler <christian.kandeler@qt.io>
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Returns the file name of \c filePath up to (but not including) the first '.' character.
+ \section2 canonicalPath
+ \code
+ FileInfo.canonicalPath(filePath: string): string
+ \endcode
+ Returns a canonicalized \c filePath, i.e. an absolute path without symbolic
+ links or redundant "." or ".." elements.
+ On Windows, drive substitutions are also resolved.
+ It is recommended to use \c{canonicalPath} in only those cases where
+ canonical paths are really necessary. In most cases, \c{cleanPath} should
+ be enough.
\section2 cleanPath
FileInfo.cleanPath(filePath: string): string