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Qt: Allow users to explicitly tag files as mocable
This is helpful for declaring a QObject-derived class via a macro, in which case the moc scanner will not help. Fixes: QBS-1410 Change-Id: I19ee30eac670228686b5528888159220cf39abd3 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <joerg.bornemann@qt.io>
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\li \c{*.ts}
\li 1.0
\li Files with this tag serve as inputs to the rule running the \c lrelease tool.
+ \row
+ \li \c{"mocable"}
+ \li -
+ \li 1.13
+ \li Use this tag to force \QBS to run \c moc on the respective files, even though
+ they do not contain \c Q_OBJECT or a related macro.
+ \row
+ \li \c{"unmocable"}
+ \li -
+ \li 1.2
+ \li Use this tag for files that \QBS should not run \c moc on, even though they contain
+ \c Q_OBJECT or a related macro.