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Qt support: Allow users to pull in plugins by type
... and properly set the default values. Fixes: QBS-1409 Change-Id: Ib8f3573fcb48d395d9212ac4b01e5caf910c575f Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <oswald.buddenhagen@qt.io> Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@qt.io> Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler <christian.kandeler@qt.io>
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\brief Application with a dependency on the Qt GUI module.
A QtGuiApplication is an application that extends the \l{QtApplication} item
- by loading the \l{Qt.gui} module and possibly also the default
- QPA plugin.
- \qmlproperty bool QtGuiApplication::linkDefaultQpaPlugin
- Whether or not to add a depencency to the default QPA plugin. The default is
- to do that in the case of a static build, where it is normally required.
- \defaultvalue \l{Qt.core::staticBuild}{Qt.core.staticBuild}
+ by loading the \l{Qt.gui} module.
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+ \contentspage index.html
+ \qmltype Qt.plugin_support
+ \inqmlmodule QbsModules
+ \since Qbs 1.13.0
+ \brief Allows to fine-tune which Qt plugins get pulled in.
+ The \c Qt.plugin_support module provides properties that allow users to control
+ which Qt plugins to pull into a product.
+ This is mostly relevant if Qt was built statically, in which case the respective
+ plugins are static libraries that get linked into your application or library.
+ \qmlproperty varList Qt.plugin_support::pluginsByType
+ Set this property if you want to override the set of plugins for a certain
+ plugin type. For instance, to disable all image plugins except the JPEG
+ one:
+ \code
+ Qt.plugin_support.pluginsByType: ({imageformats: "qjpeg"})
+ \endcode
+ For plugin types that are not specifically overridden like this, the value in
+ defaultPluginsByType is used.
+ \nodefaultvalue
+ \qmlproperty var Qt.plugin_support::allPluginsByType
+ Provides the complete set of plugins in a statically built Qt.
+ The value is a map. The keys are the plugin types, and the values
+ are lists of plugin names.
+ \readonly
+ \qmlproperty var Qt.plugin_support::defaultPluginsByType
+ Provides the set of plugins that your application or library will
+ link to if you do not set pluginsByType.
+ The value is a map. The keys are the plugin types, and the values
+ are lists of plugin names.
+ The value depends on the Qt modules your product pulls in.
+ \readonly