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Documentation: Add How-to about "generated sources"
We've seen people try to add generated C++ source files to a files property, so let's make clear how it actually works. Change-Id: I8a7dd8b1af71662efbeb72a3780775f5a6ca38d6 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <joerg.bornemann@qt.io>
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\li \l{How do I build a Qt-based project?}
\li \l{How do I make my app build against my library?}
\li \l{How do I use precompiled headers?}
+ \li \l{How do I make sure my generated sources are getting compiled?}
\li \l{How do I run my autotests?}
\li \l{How do I create a module for a third-party library?}
\li \l{How do I create application bundles and frameworks on iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS?}
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+ \section1 How do I make sure my generated sources are getting compiled?
+ The rules in a \QBS project do not care whether its inputs are actual source files
+ listed on the right-hand side of a \l{Product::files}{files} property or artifacts
+ that were generated by another rule. For instance, the C++ compiler rule considers
+ all input files of type "cpp", no matter how they got into the product. The following
+ example project demonstrates this. One of its source files exists in the repository,
+ the other one is generated at build time. Both are getting compiled the same way.
+ \note Do not try to add the generated files to a \c files property. Declaring them
+ as rule outputs is all that is needed to make \QBS know about them.
+ \code
+ import qbs.TextFile
+ CppApplication {
+ files: ["impl.cpp", "impl.h"]
+ cpp.includePaths: sourceDirectory
+ Rule {
+ multiplex: true
+ Artifact { filePath: "main.cpp"; fileTags: "cpp" }
+ prepare: {
+ var cmd = new JavaScriptCommand();
+ cmd.description = "generating " + output.fileName;
+ cmd.sourceCode = function() {
+ var f = new TextFile(output.filePath, TextFile.WriteOnly);
+ f.writeLine("#include <impl.h>");
+ f.writeLine("int main()");
+ f.writeLine("{");
+ f.writeLine(" return functionFromImpl();");
+ f.writeLine("}");
+ f.close();
+ };
+ return cmd;
+ }
+ }
+ }
+ \endcode
\section1 How do I run my autotests?
There are two simple things you need to do in your project. Firstly, you