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Long live qbs-pkgconfig!
This patchset introduce a static library for parsing .pc files. Code is based on the original pkg-config source code https:// gitlab.freedesktop.org/pkg-config/pkg-config and is written in pure C++ (except for the places where we need access to filesystem as std::filesystem is not available for all platforms - in that case, Qt classes are used) Parsing .pc files manually allows to have more control over dependencies between modules, e.g. to generate a standalone module per one .pc file and merge properties using Qbs itself, not via pkg-config. Library is almost feature-complete and all tests copied from pkg-config pass. Some functionality is omitted (e.g. prefix variables (what is this?) or validating dependencies since Qbs does this as well) Bechmark shows that parsing ~100 files takes about 10-15ms. Running pkg-config on the same set of files takes ~4 seconds: RESULT : TestPkgConfig::benchSystem(): 14 msecs per iteration (total: 57, iterations: 4) Fixes: QBS-1615 Change-Id: I5bfdfa588aa04d9d69fd738dd2beea14174c0242 Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler <christian.kandeler@qt.io>
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