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interesting to users. Some of them only need to be defined if the respective installation
of Qt was built in some unusual way, for instance by setting non-default \c configure flags.
- \section3 binPath
+ \section3 availableBuildVariants
- \row \li \b{Type:} \li \c{path}
- \row \li \b{Default:} \li \c{undefined}
+ \row \li \b{Type:} \li \c{stringList}
+ \row \li \b{Default:} \li set by \c{qbs-setup-qt}
- The path in which Qt tools such as \c qmake, \c moc and so on are located.
+ The build variants that this Qt installation offers.
- \section3 buildVariant
+ \section3 binPath
- \row \li \b{Type:} \li \c{stringList}
+ \row \li \b{Type:} \li \c{path}
\row \li \b{Default:} \li \c{undefined}
- Specifies the build variants for which Qt was built.
+ The path in which Qt tools such as \c qmake, \c moc and so on are located.
\section3 config
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Controls which name the \c qhp file gets when generating documentation with \c qdoc.
+ \section3 qtBuildVariant
+ \table
+ \row \li \b{Type:} \li \c{string}
+ \row \li \b{Default:} \li See below.
+ \endtable
+ Specifies the type of Qt libraries to build against: "debug" or "release".
+ The default value is the build variant of the code linking against Qt. If Qt does not offer
+ that build variant, the build variant offered by Qt is chosen instead.
+ \note On some systems, it is not possible to link code built in debug mode against libraries
+ built in release mode and vice versa.
\section3 qtConfig