BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.1fix warning in autotestJoerg Bornemann6 years
1.10Fix SOFT ASSERT for parametrized dependencies in Export/Module itemsJoerg Bornemann2 years
1.11Prevent empty strings in qbsSearchPathsJoerg Bornemann2 years
1.12ModuleLoader: Fix possible crash in verbose modeChristian Kandeler17 months
1.13Add Visual Studio 2019 supportJoerg Bornemann12 months
1.14Add change log for 1.14.1Christian Kandeler8 months
1.15Fix probes referencing project propertiesRichard Weickelt4 months
1.16Fix protobufobjc.qbsIvan Komissarov2 weeks
1.2Remove executable bit from non-executable files.Jake Petroules6 years
1.3Don't evaluate module properties twice for groups with fileTagsFilter.Christian Kandeler5 years
1.4Fix unwanted "concurrency" in Executor.Christian Kandeler4 years
1.5BuildGraphLocker: Include 5.7.0 in versions that have QTBUG-53392Orgad Shaneh4 years
1.6Fix bug that causes re-linking on every build on LinuxChristian Kandeler4 years
1.7Fix ScriptEngine::PropertyCacheKeyChristian Kandeler3 years
1.8Install missing public headerJoerg Bornemann3 years
1.9Add changelog file for 1.9.1Christian Kandeler3 years
masterAndroid: Add option to use aapt2 instead of aapt in Android.sdk moduleRaphaƫl Cotty33 hours
wip/ci-iosAdd iOS build in TravisIvan Komissarov7 weeks