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Update About QtEE demo description
- Update the title and description for the standalone demo. Change-Id: Ib480498eab2ba2fa935f39478e615ad60baca9f1 Reviewed-by: Gatis Paeglis <>
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\example about-b2qt
- \title About Boot to Qt
+ \title About Qt Enterprise Embedded
\ingroup b2qt-demos
- \brief Displays information about the Boot to Qt software stack.
+ \brief Displays information about Qt Enterprise Embedded.
\image b2qt-demo-about-b2qt.jpg
- The \e {About Boot to Qt} demo provides an introduction to what Boot to Qt is all about.
- It talks briefly about how the software stack is built up, rough hardware requirements
- and how Boot to Qt differs from the more traditional Qt editions.
+ A demo that provides an introduction to what Qt Enterprise Embedded is all about.