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Merge branch 'stable' into release
* stable: (50 commits) Fix deployment of QML import plugins when building in Qt Creator Add QtWidgets dependecy to shared.pri Update title and description for Text Input demo Update content for About Boot to Qt demo Fix QML GroupBox: Binding loop detected for property [controls-touch] Deploy images Remove Sensors demo from the Qt Creator's list of examples Remove Sensor Explorer and Particles demos from launcher Fix layout issues with Qt-Everywhere (touchgallery) [qt5-launchpresentation] Don't crop the description text on nexus [launcher settings] improve visual appearance [qt5-everywhere] update preview image Fix vkb import path Fix issues in qt5-launcher presentation Remove Raspberry Pi logo from demo Fix Canvas2D error Qt5-Everywhere: show network error message fix glsl syntax in graphical effects demo Update copyright year Limit camera & mediaplayer demos to working devices ... Change-Id: I1ed9233a89ea989013b398c8480e1932949fff19
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