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Make basicsuite demos run stand-alone
This change will make the demos run standalone when built in Qt Creator. - Rename example directories to lowercase/non-whitespace to avoid build & deployment problems - Add title.txt files so titles remain displayed correctly in the launcher - Add a common shared source files used for the standalone apps, and .pro-files for each example - Remove .qmlproject files (not needed) - Adjust documentation to match the new directory structure Change-Id: Ib24e461952da3b2c88aab0363249115ea44ee0f2 Reviewed-by: Eirik Aavitsland <>
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+This examples illustrates how Qt can handle input on touch devices.
+The launcher loads a custom platform input context plugin and contains a virtual keyboard. When a text control in Qt Quick gets focus, the input context will trigger the virtual keyboard to show on screen and clicks in the virtual keyboard are delegated to the text control.
+Our demo virtual keyboard has support for english, finnish and arabic. The input context API is plugin based and users can replace existing plugins with whatever they desire. Qt has a ready made plugin for Maliit, an open-source, cross-platform input method framework for mobile and embedded.