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launchersettings: various improvements
- make it scale better on screen with different screen sizes and pixel density. For example the current implementation looked bad on Nexus 2013. Lets use "scaled cm" based on visual angle. Tested on 46 inch TV, nexus, nexus 2013, Rpi with samsung desktop monitor, demo looks as expected. - Demo now works as expeced when deployed as stand alone application from QtCreator. Before this change layout was completely broken, because Screen qml element really does not work as expected. - Make handle of Slider more touch-friendly. - Simplify creation of wifi GroupBox. The Loader element was needed at the beginning when we build QtWifi only on Android. - Move custom styles into separate qml files and other cleanups. Task-number: QTEE-769 Change-Id: Ifef1caa7edbfaea14c608f6b8fae43e86b0a2442 Reviewed-by: Eirik Aavitsland <>
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