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Make basicsuite demos run stand-alone
This change will make the demos run standalone when built in Qt Creator. - Rename example directories to lowercase/non-whitespace to avoid build & deployment problems - Add title.txt files so titles remain displayed correctly in the launcher - Add a common shared source files used for the standalone apps, and .pro-files for each example - Remove .qmlproject files (not needed) - Adjust documentation to match the new directory structure Change-Id: Ib24e461952da3b2c88aab0363249115ea44ee0f2 Reviewed-by: Eirik Aavitsland <>
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--- a/doc/b2qt-demos.qdocconf
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ examples.fileextensions = "*.cpp *.h *.js *.xq *.svg *.xml *.ui *.qhp *.qhc
examples.imageextensions = "*.png *.jpg *.gif"
exampledirs = ../basicsuite
-examplesinstallpath = ../../../../sources/b2qt-demos/basicsuite
+examplesinstallpath = ../../../Boot2Qt-2.x/sources/b2qt-demos/basicsuite
qhp.projects = QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos