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Merge branch 'stable' into releaseQtEE_v2.1.0
* stable: (21 commits) Revert "Show PieMenu in enterprise controls list view." Show PieMenu in enterprise controls list view. Fix PieMenu not showing in enterprise-gallery launcher demo. Update enterprise controls demos to version 1.1 Revert "Add input field for decimal numbers" Doc: Update documentation version to 2.1.0 [launchersettings] Fix UI scaling [about-b2qt] Use Screen element for setting width/height Change default font for demos to support arabic numbers [launchersettings] Small fixes in wifi settings section sensorexplorer: Use identifier field when description is empty Make sensors demo not rely on measurement errors Doc: Update screenshot for the textinput demo Remove incorrect assingment of QUrl to bool qt5-everywhere: update working radio playlist Show launchersettings and sensors demos in QtCreator Doc: Switch to use the global Qt template for example docs Updated preview_l.jpg for textinput demo Rearrange the order of demos in the launcher Merge updates from upstream into keyboard example ... Change-Id: I83f65cb50cf53609d9bb131c94c3d020882a2ccd
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diff --git a/doc/b2qt-demos.qdocconf b/doc/b2qt-demos.qdocconf
index d1dec94..0a8712f 100644
--- a/doc/b2qt-demos.qdocconf
+++ b/doc/b2qt-demos.qdocconf
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ sourceencoding = UTF-8
project = QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos
description = Qt Enterprise Embedded Examples and Demos
-version = 2.0.0
+version = 2.1.0
sourcedirs = .
imagedirs += images
@@ -22,23 +22,16 @@ examplesinstallpath = ../../../Boot2Qt-2.x/sources/b2qt-demos/basicsuit
qhp.projects = QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos
qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.file = b2qt-demos.qhp
-qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.namespace = com.digia.b2qt-demos.200
+qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.namespace = com.digia.b2qt-demos.210
qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.virtualFolder = b2qt-demos
qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.indexTitle = Qt Enterprise Embedded Examples and Demos
qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.indexRoot =
-qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.subprojects = demos
-qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.subprojects.demos.title = Qt Enterprise Embedded Examples and Demos
-qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.subprojects.demos.indexTitle = Qt Enterprise Embedded Examples and Demos
+qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.subprojects = demos
-manifestmeta.filters = thumbnail
-#manifestmeta.thumbnail.attributes = "imageUrl:qthelp\://com.digia.b2qt-demos.200/b2qt-demos/images/b2qt-demo.png"
-manifestmeta.thumbnail.tags = "b2qt,qtee"
-manifestmeta.thumbnail.names = "QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos/*"
-# Add an image used in example manifests to qhp
-HTML.extraimages += images/b2qt-demo.png
-qhp.QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos.extraFiles += images/b2qt-demo.png
+manifestmeta.filters = b2qt
+manifestmeta.b2qt.tags = "b2qt,qtee"
+manifestmeta.b2qt.names = "QtEnterpriseEmbeddedDemos/*"
macro.B2Q = "Boot to Qt"
macro.SDK = "Qt Enterprise Embedded"